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Our integrated restorative therapy team can create a specialized plan for therapy to help you or your loved one heal sooner.

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Long-Term Care Rehabilitation in Jackson, WY

Sage Living offers senior rehabilitation in Jackson, WY with an array of individualized and group therapies for long-term-care residents. Daily therapeutic opportunities include physical exercise, occupational and speech therapy, and resident-favorite music therapy.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps seniors increase their strength, endurance and independence. Under the guidance of our physiatrist & fitness experts, we work closely with you or your loved one to create a physical therapy plan that is personalized and unique to your goals.


  • Individualized, functional maintenance programs personalized for your loved one
  • Weekly health and fitness goals and check-ins
  • Move-in assessment for safe mobility within new environments
  • Real-time assessments and recommendations to meet people where they are
  • Pre- and post-fall interventions to improve safety, comfort and quality of life
  • TENS unit and other equipment designed to improve blood flow and treat pain through non-pharmaceutical methods


Occupational Therapy

During occupational therapy, residents learn exercises and practice rehabilitation techniques that make completing daily tasks easier and more comfortable. This type of therapy helps regain and improve fine and basic motor skills, grow strength and dexterity, and increase self-empowerment.


  • Individualized plans help residents maintain independence, strength and function in daily activities like dressing, eating, bathing and toileting
  • Therapists experienced in assisting with lymphedema management and other specific conditions


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy supports residents to increase and regain important communication and cognitive skills. Our skilled therapists will work with you or your loved one on speech issues and strengthening the muscles of the mouth that allow safe eating and swallowing. Words matter, and we help guests continue to share their unique stories.


  • Cognitive assessment and treatment improves memory and helps with safety, orientation and navigation in new environments
  • Therapists create individualized brain fitness plans for each guest’s unique needs and health
  • Swallow assessment and recommendations for eating safety are shared with care partners, so each meal is a meaningful dining experience

Music Therapy

Music brings joy, laughter, memories, comfort, and connection to life at Sage Living. A community favorite, our music program is led by a certified neurologic music therapist. We use clinical-based music interventions to help individuals enhance memory, improve communication, reduce stress and promote physical and mental rehabilitation—and it’s really fun too!

More details

  • Led by full-time, board-certified neurologic music therapist Hilary Camino
  • Our programming aims to individualize your or your loved one’s experience through music
  • One-on-one sessions work on community member’s goals, including reducing depression and anxiety
  • Group therapy sessions increase connection, purpose and comfort through reminiscence therapy, songwriting, instrumentation and choral singing
  • Therapies address nonverbal development, tactile stimulation, gross and fine motor rehabilitation and more


Inpatient Senior Rehab

Short-term stay rehab guests are treated at St. John’s Physical Rehabilitation. Our inpatient rehabilitation unit offers breathtaking views and an environment designed around healing and wellness. The experienced team at our Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF) develops a customized plan to help each guest transition successfully back to the life they love as quickly and safely as possible. At St. John’s Physical Rehabilitation, health care and therapy professionals work together to treat a variety of injuries including cardiac care, post-surgical recovery, stroke and neurological illnesses and much more.

Learn more about inpatient care at St. John’s Physical Rehabilitation.


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